Territory: The Netherlands
Availability: February – September 2019
Genre: Rock

About Ulster Page


Ulster Page is a 4-piece band from the French Riviera. This energetic band play a wild and powerful kind of rock which takes all its dimension live on stage. The four members, born in 1992, are the pure reflection of their music; young, raw and possessed.

More than just resurrecting the sound of the nineties, their rock is gaining tour after tour much more melodic deepness and psychedelic aspects while staying very true and honest to its origins, as revealed in their first EP “Young Skin” released in January 2015. 

Since 2013, they played more than 200 gigs throughout Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium).

Their first full-length album “Memory” has been released the 25th of August, 2017.


  • September 2013: Germany tour
  • January 2015: Release EP ‘Young Skin’
  • May – September 2015: European Tour
  • Spring 2016: French Tour
  • March 2017: Mini-tour Scotland as winners of Eurogig – France
  • August 2017: Release debut album ‘Memory’
  • September 2017 – today: ‘Memory Tour’ (France + Europe)


“With ‘Memory’, this quartet has released an excellent debut but perhaps time will tell that this was merely their debut. It’s a very promising album, that’s for sure but I think that these guys can and will come up with even more impressive music in the next few years.” – Merchants of Air

“With their debut album ‘Memory’ Ulster Page show that it’s likely you’ll see them live on the bigger stages in the next couple of years” – White Room

“They are young, charismatic, fun, full of energy and very rock and roll in their stage presence. Ulster Page have the 90s’ sound in song composition and the 70s’ sound in their guitars.” – aLive Reports

Band members

Gabriel Moland – Vocals / Guitar
Benjamin Entringer – Guitar
Hugo Fonti – Drums
Eric Melchior – Bass Guitar


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