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Genre: Psych Pop

About The Max Meser Group


– The Max Meser Group are a real working class band. New album ‘Another Swing’ shows that they never give up –

Why a record deal when you can do it yourself? DIY! Do it yourself. After two albums for a record label, Max Meser wanted to stand on his own two feet. His third album Another Swing, now under The Max Meser Group moniker, is released on his own label Migrant Records. He calls it his new realistic perspective. ‘We don’t give up. Never! If there is one message that we want to spread, this is it,’ the half Catalan half Dutchman explains. We are a real working class band. We have to work hard for it. And we are proud of that.’ In Andy Crofts, bassist in the band of working class hero Paul Weller, they found a likeminded person to mix their record.

Max and drummer Harrie Roelse are the constant factors in the group that regularly changes its line-up. Jona Pattipeilohy (guitar, keyboards, background vocals, sounds) is now also becoming part of that creative nucleus. Life was not always easy, which explains the slightly darker context of the texts. ‘I am an artist who writes about what he is experiencing,’ he says. We’re talking about the well-known problems that all youth encounters, work, money and housing. He is not pitiful about it. That’s not necessary either, because he has come out stronger than ever. That urge to survive is obvious. Another Swing is a short but powerful album. It contains eight tracks only.

Max is nowadays guided by spirituality. ‘I read a lot about Buddha. I’m a different person now.’ The two singles from the album Catch The Season and Shame Is Gone tell the whole story of the album. Let’s summarize it very briefly: ‘Seize the day! Go for it! And do that shamelessly!’ That is a very nice motto for life anyway. That optimism doesn’t apply to all songs. Sinking is about a Spanish friend of Max who died and is the darkest song of the album. ‘We sometimes cried during the recordings,’ says Max. That’s no secret. ‘It was rather emotional. I’m happy that we made the album.’

They recorded the album themselves in a rented farm somewhere in Spain instead of some expensive studio. ‘That goes to show our perseverance too. Nobody can stop us. It’s also so much fun doing it this way.’ We can witness that live. A Dutch club tour will follow in February and March. A Spanish tour is scheduled for later this year. Max and his band are back. You can’t turn a good man like him down.



  • Successful release debut album “Change”  (2016)
  • 3FM Serious Talent (Netherlands, 2016)
  • Eurosonic/Noorderslag Showcase Festival (Netherlands, 2016)
  • Support Paul Weller (Netherlands, 2017)
  • Support Jake Bugg (Netherlands, 2017)
  • Several appearances in “De Wereld Draait Door”, the biggest talkshow on Dutch national TV (Nederland)
  • BIME Showcase Festival (Spain, 2017)
  • SXSW Showcase Festival (Austin TX, USA, 2018)
  • Support The Strypes (European Tour, 2018)


  • Volkskrant: “Max Meser and Isaac Wadsworth are the Lennon/McCartney from the Costa Brava.” (Netherlands, 2016)
  • NRC Newspaper: 4-star album-/tour review (Netherlands, 2016)
  • “Luister Trip Album” Change (by Plato Mania, Netherlands, 2016)
  • “Luister Trip Album” Pictures (by Plato Mania, Netherlands, 2017)
  • “Square Room” (Pictures) wins ‘Best Song Radio 3 Award’ (Spain, 2017)


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