Territory: Benelux
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Genre: Psychedelic Rock

About Magic Moon


A Magic Moon show is like a scavenger hunt in a vintage shop: It’s surprising, occasionally referring to old times and full of unexpected gems. Their psychedelic rock is thrown at you by a combination of pounding drums, multiple singers, fuzzy guitars and a whoppin’ organ. Even when you think you know their music, this four headed live beast knows how to surprise you at every show.

The four Dutchmen have already spread their music far away from their hometown The Hague. Since 2017, the band’s music has ignited venues throughout the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. Debut EP ‘Night Circus’ was released on 12” vinyl in 2018 and was picked up in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

In 2019, Magic Moon made their first appearance on national radio (NL) and in the fall of 2019, the band will join the Dutch Popronde festival, where Magic Moon has been labeled as Never Mind The Hype talent.

Highlights 2018/2019

  • May ’18: Release “Night Circus”, debut EP on 12″ vinyl at Sniester Festival
  • January ’19: Support Canshaker Pi
  • April ’19: Support Evil Empire Orchestra
  • April ’19: The Life I Live Festival
  • May ’19: First appearance on national radio (NL 3FM)
  • Fall ’19: Popronde Netherlands participant – Never Mind The Hype Talent
  • 2017-now: nearly 60 shows in 4 countries


“When the stresses of existing in the chaotic, fast-paced, madding modern world start clutching your sanity and you need to feel alive, reach for some “Nightcrawler”, get fucked up, and escape into the night. It might be just what the doc ordered.” – Music To

“You might already know this band from The Hague as the deliverer of psychedelic rock, sometimes served pretty raw and always with a decent dose of 60s and 70s blues rock. Reads well, sounds even better. Also because these ‘Hagenezen’ approach the psych with harmonies and fuzz. And to top it all of (bonus credits!), they use an oldskool organ.” – Never Mind The Hype

“The ugliest band in the world” – Random guy after their first Berlin show

Band members

Robbert de Jongh – Lead vocals / Guitar
Wouter Pols – Bass / Vocals
Timo van de Ven – Keys / Vocals
Stijn Speksnijder – Drums

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