Territory: Europe
Availability: From February 2020 onwards.
Genre: Country/Pop

About Laura Kits


Laura is a singer and songwriter from Amsterdam. She makes unique and flavorful country-pop, sometimes with a heavy Western rock ‘n roll sound, sometimes with a subtle vintage folk twist, and always with a heavy dose of poetry and lyrical prowess.

She successfully tested the waters with her debut EP Skipper Canyon Road in 2017 – which received critical acclaim from national radio channel NPO2, among others. Her upcoming album Holy Fountain Water marks a transition towards a songwriting style that is ‘a bit more of everything’. More mature, more courageous, more experimental, and at the same time more Country with a capital C. It was inspired by a whole lot of musical exploration, soul-searching, and a quest for lyrical honesty, leading to a new sound that feels refreshingly original and comfortably familiar at the same time.

When Laura is not singing, writing songs, or discussing music with her band mates, she rides horses and makes oil paintings.


  • 2017: EP Skipper Canyon Road – CD of the Week at NPO Radio 2
  • Summer 2018: Just a Drifter Tour
  • Winter 2018: Taillights Tour
  • July 2019: Single release Love and Danger, with a live national radio performance
  • September 2019: Single release How Much Is Your Heaven Worth


“Skipper Canyon Road is a damn good record, and Laura is as poetic as she is rock ‘n’ roll” – Dolf Jansen, DJ on Dutch national radio

“She has a gorgeous voice, and her live performance of Rosie actually made me Cry.” – Manuele Kemp, DJ on Dutch national radio

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