Territory: Benelux
Availability: Summer 2020
Genre: Schabernacksoul (A mix of Indie/Funk/Pop with German lyrics)

About Die Lieferanten


Sing-along-able German lyrics (would you expect this of German lyrics?) meet Motown-grooves, modern indie-sounds and catchy pop-melodies. Not only being a musical genre, Schabernacksoul is an attitude to life, expressed through ironic lyrics, playful arrangements and energetic performances on stage.


  • First EP “Eine Frage der Begeisterung“ in 2017 (6 songs)
  • Second EP “Alles was du has(s)t“ in 2018 (4 songs)
  • First Headliner Tour in Germany in spring ’19 (11 concerts in February)
  • Festival tours in summer ’18 and ’19 (for example Snntg-Festival, JuWi-Festival Münster, early bird festival, Wein am Stein)
  • 70 concerts since 2017 (Clubshows for example: Gleis 22, Münster; Auster Club, Berlin; Knust, Hamburg).
  • Nominated for the popNRW-Award in 2018


“Well, what is being delivered here? We would say, the finest German-speaking guitar pop. And it comes together in a nice package with soul and indie rock elements.” – Spinnup Introducing

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Band members

Moritz – Lead vocals / Guitar
Lucas – Drums 
Aaron – Bass guitar + synth / Vocals
Jonas – Keys / Vocals


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