Dex' Music Agency

Dex’ Music Agency is a company founded in November 2016 by Dexter de Waal. We are based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, but we have a strong international approach. Although we are an all round music agency, we mainly focus on live bookings, event organisation and both artist and tour management.

We take care of bookings for different kind of artists in different kind of ways. We can take of bookings on a regular basis, for specific territories, but we also book one-off-show / tours for artists who are not necessarily on our roster. Interested? Please send us an e-mail.

We do organise our own events where we’d love to give up and coming artists, both local and touring artists a stage. We also offer our services to assist existing festivals and venues getting their line-up sorted. Interested how we can help you? Please send an e-mail.

Artist / Tour management
Looking for assistance in career planning (short or long term)? Or do you have a tour booked and you need help with the business and organisational part of it? We are able to help you. Please get in touch for more information.